Current sprint

The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'Usability' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment.

Critical issue
Major issue

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#2518960: Emphasize the most important items on the 'structure' page
8.4.x-devTaskMajorActiveUMN 2015frontendCSSNeeds designstyleguideux-hierarchy
#2695411: [meta] Fix text based usability issues
8.4.x-devPlanMajorActiveUMN 2015User interfacedocumentation
#2738393: Compile UI (Text) Standards for module developers
8.4.x-devPlanMajorActiveuser interface textDevDaysMilan
#2762505: Introduce "outside in" quick edit pattern to core
8.2.x-devPlanMajorActiveNeeds framework manager reviewNeeds release manager reviewneeds accessibility reviewOutside-inDrupal core ideas
#2635710: Add option to automatically create an entity reference view when a new content type is created
8.4.x-devFeature requestMajorActiveField APIviewsSite builder improvementsUMN 2015
#2516902: Introduce a visual hierarchy to the help page.
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveUMN 2015Needs designux-hierarchy
#2729707: Administration screen of the Views listing is not responsive
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalActivemobileBaltimore2017
#1953836: Replace "Select a field type" with a hierarchical select
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveaccessibilityariahtml5optgroupUMN 2015
#2833768: Add media type icon SVG files for all the media types to core icons
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveD8MediaNeeds design
Assigned to tkoleary
#2836153: Improve metadata mapping UI on Media type form
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveD8MediaBerlin media sprintNeeds UX reviewux

To review

#2113931: File Field design update
8.5.x-devTaskMajorJavaScriptstyleguideSevenfrontendD8MediaNeeds issue summary updateBerlin media sprintSprintWeekend2017SprintWeekendBerlinDevDaysSeville
Assigned to dubcanada
#2524272: Make Bartik sidebar menu blocks finger-friendly
8.4.x-devTaskNormalUMN 2015NoviceSprintWeekend2017CSS
#2570985: Update the module descriptions on the Extend page
8.4.x-devTaskNormalux-interfacetextBarcelona2015DevDaysMilandublin2016DevDaysSevilleString change in 8.4.0
#2098047: Installer ui text cleanup
#1833096: Cannot mark a translation itself as outdated
#2500607: Some block categories are not translatable
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalD8MIlanguage-baseBaltimore2017
#2785051: Improve usability of Views bulk action form in Seven theme
8.4.x-devTaskNormalVDCcross browser compatibilityNovice
Assigned to tkoleary

To be committed

#2848507: Indicate that grouping elements have child element errors for ux and a11y
8.4.x-devBug reportMajoraccessibilityformsDevDaysSeville
#2421001: Fix regression in the link widget where help text does not show.
8.4.x-devBug reportNormaldcoslo15accessibilityTwigDevDaysMilan
Critical issue
Major issue

Other related issues

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#2831941: [PP-1] Re-create Image field widget on top of media entity
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedD8MediaBerlin media sprint
Assigned to seanB