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The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'Usability' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment.

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Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#2518960: Emphasize the most important items on the 'structure' page
8.2.x-devTaskMajorActiveUMN 2015frontendCSSNeeds designstyleguideux-hierarchy
#2695411: [meta] Fix text based usability issues
8.3.x-devPlanMajorActiveUMN 2015User interfacedocumentation
#2738393: Compile UI (Text) Standards for module developers
8.3.x-devPlanMajorActiveuser interface textDevDaysMilan
#2762505: Introduce "outside in" quick edit pattern to core
8.2.x-devPlanMajorActiveNeeds framework manager reviewNeeds release manager reviewneeds accessibility reviewOutside-inDrupal core ideas
#2635710: Add option to automatically create an entity reference view when a new content type is created
8.3.x-devFeature requestMajorActiveField APIviewsSite builder improvementsUMN 2015
#2377543: Add "Add Content" submenu to navigation.
8.3.x-devTaskMajorActiveneeds backport to D7UMN 2015
#1854046: Add "changed" hints to translation settings page
8.3.x-devTaskMinorActiveJavaScriptaccessibilityNeeds manual testingtranslatable fieldsD8MIlanguage of partslanguage-contentNeeds designNeeds screenshots
#2831546: Move Quick Edit error messages inside dialog
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActivequickeditaccessibilityux
#1953836: Replace "Select a field type" with a hierarchical select
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveaccessibilityariahtml5optgroupUMN 2015

To review

#2502637: Disabled text formats can't be seen in the GUI
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorneeds backport to D7
#2521780: The 'Edit', 'Manage display' and 'Manage form display' tabs were hard to understand
8.3.x-devTaskMajorUMN 2015ux-interfacetextDevDaysMilan
Assigned to martin_q
#2098047: Installer ui text cleanup
#665790: Redesign the status report page
8.3.x-devTaskNormalFavorite-of-Driesstyleguidevisual designux-hierarchyCSSJavaScriptdublin2016Needs JS testing
#2785051: Improve usability of Views bulk action form in Seven theme
8.3.x-devTaskNormalVDCcross browser compatibilityNovice
#2799611: Style messages in the offcanvas tray
Assigned to tkoleary
#2803203: Simplify the descriptions of "menu levels" in the menu block plugin
8.3.x-devTaskNormalmenucontextual helpString change in 8.3.0
Assigned to yoroy

To be committed

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Major issue

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