Welcome to the Drupal Usability team

We are working on making Drupal easier to use both by fixing issues as they come up and by designing and implementing new solutions for bigger tasks. Contributions from information architecture through interaction design, usability testing and implementation, among other things are welcome.

There are various ways to join the Drupal usability efforts.

  1. Our focus issues offer a great chance to get involved with something in the works now that is actively pushed forward, so you can get help and feedback on your work in a timely fashion.
  2. Found an issue and want to get going with it? Tag with 'Usability' and 'sprint' and start contributing!
  3. We have meetings every Tuesday at 9pm CEST and every Wednesday at 9am CEST on the #ux Slack channel at drupal.slack.com (get an invite automatically at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/). Bring your issues there to discuss! CEST is the timezone observed in Amsterdam.
  4. Join us in person at sprints! The next sprint is coming up in Milan on June 21-26 2016.
  5. Want to get regular updates on meetings and important topics? Follow @DrupalUx on twitter.

Let's make Drupal easier to use together!